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General API Information

Application Information

  • Ant: A tool that can automatically build and upload your code. Use it, it's nice.
  • Athena settings: Things you should set in your athena locker to make development easier.
  • BotClient: The tool for viewing remote channel data.
  • CVS: A tool for managing your source code amongst your teammates (but see Subversion instead).
  • Emacs: Some notes on getting the most out of the GNU Emacs text editor.
  • SSH: Tool for logging into other machines remotely. Also has info on scp, which copies files to and from other machines.
  • Subversion: A tool for managing your source code amongst your teammates.

Maslab Software Distribution

We're running Ubuntu 10.10 Linux (a Debian-based distribution).

Your EEEPC will have maslab.jar and orc.jar installed. If you are developing code on your personal computer, you will need to download both of these files.

You will need to download the current versions of maslab.jar and orc.jar.

NOTE: You will need to download both files and place them in /usr/share/java/ You will need admin privileges to do this see man sudo.

You will then need to add these to your class path. You can do this by adding export CLASSPATH=/usr/share/java/orc.jar:/usr/share/java/maslab.jar: to your .bash_profile file.

echo export CLASSPATH=/usr/share/java/orc.jar:/usr/share/java/maslab.jar: >> .bash_profile

echo source .bash_profile >> .bashrc

The freshest version of the files is also available on Athena at /mit/6.186/2011/orc.jar and /mit/6.186/2011/maslab.jar.

Download maslab.jar

Download orc.jar

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