Technical Information

2012 Technical Information

  • The 2012 basic rules and kit are available here.

  • The 2012 technical rules are available here.

  • 2011 Technical Information

    Basic Rules

    These rules are similar in spirit to IAP 2012's rules.

    The competition consists of 1v1 matches, autonomous robot versus autonomous robot. The field is split in half, with a robot on each side of the field. Each side of the field starts with one color of ball (green or red); the balls that start on a particular robot's side of the field are the only balls that that robot can score points with.

    The robots get points by putting their balls into (or near) goals on the ground level, or by lobbing balls over the wall separating them from the other robot. Robots get the most points for putting their balls over the wall, but they run the risk of getting their own balls collected by the other robot and returned to them.

    At the end of the match, scores are determined by counting the number of balls in goals, near goals, and on the opposite side of the wall from which they started. This means that if a ball is knocked away from a goal it was scored in, it earns that robot no points. Similarly, if a ball that was lobbed over the wall is returned, that ball earns the robot no points.

    Technical Rules

  • 2011's technical rules are available here.
  • Basic Kit

    For the past several years the kit has consisted of a uOrcboard, an eeePC, a webcam, 2 motor assemblies, a caster, and two 12V lead acid batteries. Servos, IR sensors, more motors, and a few other miscellaneous sensors and actuators could be obtained from staff upon request.

    Technical Kit Specifications

  • 2011's technical kit specifications are available here.