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spazzbot (the first prototype) going for a ball.




Robot: "Universal Waste"

Having learned from the best of the best (namely, world-renowned expert George W. Hansel), team pleit! has hand-crafted a machine to expertly suck balls. Using a precision-tuned system comprised of bank vault rubber bands, Universal Waste snarfs balls so quickly you have no clue what's happening until the giant screw elevates the balls to the "extra cheese" level. The "winner" of "all" 22 "mock" "competitions," Universal Waste will astound you by how elegantly it crosses the purple line, how gracefully it herps and derps when stuck, and how happily it dances. Built from pure ice cream sandwiches and the ghosts of Swiss chocolate motors, Universal Waste is ready to trash the field!


We placed first in Maslab 2012. Thanks to all of the staff and sponsors! Source code (just under 1000 lines total) is available at Github.

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