Mobile Autonomous Systems Laboratory.

MIT's premier IAP robotics competition since 2001.

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Build an autonomous robot in one month. We give you everything - a netbook, Arduino, camera, Microsoft Kinect, motors, servos, gears, plastic, sensors, wires and more. A laser cutter, water jet and 3-D printer are all at your disposal. You just need to bring the talent!

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Do you think like a robot? You'll need it to program your robot! Computer vision, maze navigation and ball manipulation are all key tasks your robot will need to be victorious. Look forward to working with Python, Linux, Arduino or your software of choice.

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MASLAB culminates in a head-to-head autonomous robotics tournament. Compete against other robots and win prizes such as a Kindle Fire, XBox 360 and eeePC. By the way, you get the keep all of your stuff. Your netbook, your robot, your Arduino. All of it.

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