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Checkoffs occur typically in the evening (6pm), however your team may complete checkoffs earlier in the day if you're ready.

Wednesday, Jan 8

working kit bot - this means tablet running UI

Game Plan:

  • game strategy
  • two mechanical concepts
  • software architecture
  • sensing strategy
  • schedule for IAP

Friday, Jan 10

Prove that you can use at least one sensor:

  • kit bot needs to take gyro input and drive in a square
  • kit bot drives up to wall and stops using ultrasonic
  • kit bot needs to visual servo to facing the ball

Meet with staff and show:

  • concepts
  • prototype
  • cad models

Tuesday, Jan 14

Micro Olympics (In-lab contest)

  • [+20] Drive in a square
  • [+5] Drive up to a wall and stop 1 foot away
  • [+15] Wall follow
  • [+10] Drive 5 feet forward and 5 feet backward (+/- an inch)
  • [+5] Orient to face a green or red ball

Top Three teams get:

Prize First: Sushi ordered to lab

Prize Second: Pizza ordered to lab

Prize Third: Toscanini's + a work out

  • Ties broken by which team score the maximum score FIRST.
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