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How to make your tablet happy - in 27 easy steps!

IF THE COMPUTER IS TRYING TO SIGN IN TO MICROSOFT RECRUITING: Microsoft left it in an account we can't access --oops, log into the admin account instead.

  1. hit back button
  2. hit other user
  3. hit log into other domain
  4. it will give you a number like SS9402928102
  5. your username is now that number followed by \Admin, so for example, SS9402928102\Admin
  6. password is still SN#12345


  1. password is SN#12345
  2. connect to the internet
  3. download the java jdk
  4. install it
  5. Download eclipse standard 4.3.1
  6. Extract it
  7. download maple IDE
  8. extract it
  9. swipe from the right to open "charms"
  10. settings
  11. change pc settings
  12. general
  13. scroll all the way to the bottom and go to advanced startup
  14. troubleshoot
  15. advanced options
  16. startup settings
  17. restart
  18. connect a handy dandy keyboard to your usb hub
  19. press 7
  20. connect the maple to your usb hub
  21. open charms
  22. control panel
  23. device manager
  24. maple should show up with no drivers, click on it then update driver software
  25. browse my computer
  26. navigate to the folder you extracted the maple IDE, then drivers\mapleDrv\serial
  27. hit next, choose that you do want to install the driver, then close out

You should now have eclipse and maple working, yay!

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