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1/6/14 Akhil, Erick and Jay went to the lectures.

We assembled our pegbot and wired as many of the components as we could.

Jay setup the tablet.

Akhil and Erick discussed strategy over Chicago Pizza.

Tomorrow, we'll all get shop trained and finish wiring the pegbot after we get the batteries.

1/9/14 Erick - Finished communication infrastructure between maple and tablet. Added gyro support.

1/15/14 Jay - built the first prototype of the ball-dropping mechanism and named the robot "Castle of Glass". The name is still up for debate...

1/16/14 Erick - having trouble with the state estimation and control loops working together happily. Will revert to code that will command the robot to spin a certain number of degrees drive straight for a given distance. Akhil - worked on the localization code, trying to allow the localization to use info from previous frames to better the current guess.

1/17/14 Erick - moved components to first prototype of chassis while Jai finishes up the ball collecting mechanism.

1/19/14 Erick - Looks like the ultrasonic distance sensors have all been claimed. Working on adding support for the long range IR range finders.

1/21/14 Worked on Wall Following

1/22/14 Erick and Akhil worked on wall following and a back up in case wall following doesn't pan out.

1/24/14 Went to Mock 2, picked up a few balls for the first time.

Erick and Akhil are starting to integrate the low level control code with the higher level path planning.

We've come up with a framework for higher level control

Starting to integrate the vision code.

Jay and Jai are working on reliability improvements to the mechanical components.

Jay is working on an issue where the balls may not roll smoothly out of the ramp.

Jai is working on stiffening the screw.

1/26/14 Long Range IR's working correctly Vision Code can detect the reactor and determine which balls are closer or further away.

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