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Day One: (January 6)

         Today we spent the first half of the day putting together our kitbot. We had lunch at around 2. 

We also had a team meeting to organize and plan. Topics of the meeting were team leadership, task allocation, strategizing, and robot design. We have a fairly diverse team in terms of skills and it seems like everyone will be able to contribute a bit to every task but for now David F will take point on Hardware and Design and David W will be in charge of software and EE. Tomorrow we hope to finalize our strategy and design and start our solid model as well as finish wiring the kitbot.

Day Two: (January 7)

           Today we changed our strategy. We decided that we were getting too ambitious and narrowed our focus hoping to do one or two tasks consistently instead of getting all the tasks. We have our main design but have run into challenges installing solidworks. The kitbot is completely wired but maple is not running properly on the tablet. We need to get linux on the tablet.
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