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Captains log 1/6/14

The sky was stormy and team morale was bleak. Three team members made it to class on time, the last was 5 minutes late due to travel and the icy pavement that has invaded the fair town of Boston. Team met at 12 PM to begin creating kitbot. Team worked on kitbot and finished all mechanical construction. It was decided to leave the electrical work until tomorrow since the necessary batteries were not yet here. Team then left to do other activities. The team then later reconvened to discuss strategy.

Captains log 1/7/14

The stormy sky continue to blanket the area as a bitter cold set in and tried to freeze the team members. The team met today at 10 AM and continued to work on the completion of kitbot. Team had to solder many wire together in order to finish all the electrical work for kitbot. Team connected battery and kitbot seemed to work although the right motor seems to be under a lot more friction than the left and so it does not go straight at all. Three members of the team got both shop trained and laser cutter certified by Charles, shop manager. Team also decided upon major concepts for real bot, including how to lift and sort balls. Team bundled back up and then headed home for the day.

Captains log 1/8/14

The sky sky has clearly but the bone chilling cold has remained. Team members are now wearing two pairs of boxers to protect themselves from the cold. Team met at 10 AM to get its first two in depth lectures on Power Electronics and Control Systems. Team then split into two groups to work on creating the design on Solidworks and to get the camera working. The camera was working on the tablet and Open CV. The model of the robot is well on its way. One team member drew up a Solidworks sketch of a part for the entire class to use.

Captains log 1/9/14

Work on solidworks model has been completed and lazer cutting began. Once the first piece was cut, team recognized the robot was too large. It was decided upon to scale down the robot in solidworks and then begin to fabricate after changes have been made. Vision has progressed but errors such as memory leaks have prevented it from progressing much.

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