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This is the development journal for Team Two: GoldenEye.


Day 1

Antonio unfortunately had his flight cancelled today. We hope he can make it on Wednesday. Until then, we will give him small tasks to help out with the coding aspect of our robot.

Jason set up the dev environment. He also pushed a skeleton project to our new Github repo. He installed Git, Java, and Ant on the tablet in order to retrieve code from Github, build the code, and run the code.

Ryan struggled to download Solidworks 2013-2014 on his laptop. Soon the Solidworks for the robot will be completed.

Xavier began the wiring on the kit-bot.

We currently have a design plan for the robot and a few methods of machining it. Our bot will probably use a Kinect for visual input. Tomorrow we will go to the machine shop training so that we can begin machining.

Day 2

Antonio still has not arrived unfortunately.

Jason spent time building up code infrastructure.

Ryan and Xavier had their laser cutting training.

Ryan began CADing the design for the Robot.

Xavier completed the initial wiring for the kitbot and installed Ubuntu on the tablet because Maple doesn't like anything.

Day 3

Antonio has made it! However he didn't come in.

Xavier revised the kitbot wiring.

Jason managed to finally get the maple to communicate with our tablet but we have to avoid using the Maple IDE.

KitBot Works! We got our KitBot check off and discussed our initial design ideas with Ariel.

We learned that we needed to move the wheels forward and revise the base structure of our Robot.

Ryan continues to CAD and updates our current design.

Day 4

Xavier attempted to make a color detection circuit. It didn't quite work because... LEDs are liars. Thankfully other people didn't actually try to do this and just asked the TAs. They decided to order color sensors for us. Woohoo.

Ryan realized that our Robot was too heavy as it currently stood and revised many of the material selections. The Revolver design will now be made of Styrofoam with acrylic and MDF front and back plating respectively. The front ramp be switched from aluminum to acrylic as well. With these changes we were able to decrease the weight of the robot by about 3 lbs!

With KitBot working Jason and Antonio (he is here!!) began working with OpenCV and the webcam.

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