Winbook: Known Issues

Power Management

The Winbook, despite always showing a full battery, actually has no information about its battery.


Users should always plug the Winbook in when possible and confirm that the blue charging light turns on.

Sometimes, the blue charging light seems to not appear when the Winbook is already charged, so if you've already charged it a lot, that may be the case

Many of the freezing issues seem to be related to a low battery and can be solved by charging the Winbook for a while

Possible fixes

We've looked into this a little and currently think that recognizing the battery would probably require patching and rebuilding the Linux kernel. Because of the complexity, we will look into it but probably not prioritize it in favor of telling teams to keep it plugged in

Wifi Driver

The Wifi chip inside the Winbook is the Realtek RTL8723BS. The driver was installed from this directory and is known to be unstable occasionally on the Winbook.


Ask the staff for a usb wifi dongle. Once plugged in, the wifi menu in the status bar should show two categories of available wifi networks. Pick from the category that is not wlan0 (the built in wifi)

Possible fixes

Making this stable would probably require either kernel patches or mucking around with the wifi adapter settings. Apparently accordign to some website the issue could be related to power management throttling power to the wifi, but in our testing it seems like the power management is already off

Winbook shuts down after some time while doing an intensive task

We've had some reports of the Winbook never holding up long enough to compile OpenCV or other packages. This is still an active area of investigation for us.

General debugging tips

Basically all of these solutions and the tips in the Winbook Tips guide were found through some Googling. If you have a different issue, definitely report it to us so we can add it to here/look into it, but also try Googling possible causes or solutions to get a better understanding of what's happening.