Date: Mon, 8 Jan 2018 23:41:40 -0500

Hello MASLAB Teams!

The course website has been updated to contain a WIKI section. In this WIKI you'll find a few things:

  • Calendar: Lecture/Optional Lecture times, Dinners, etc. Will be updated.

  • Parts List: List of most parts that are available to you for use in the design of the robot. If your design requires a special part, your robot is allowed a small budget of $100.

  • Resources: includes Lectures slides (as they're given), links to past material, MechE materials (IMPORTANT to this week is the Staff CAD link which has the files for kitbot which you'll produce in the shop for the software peeps to have a robot whiles your design is in production), and Software links which are especially important after a physical robot is created.

  • Team Pages: A place to describe and write about your team. This can be edited by appending '/edit' to your respective team page (e.g. Please update your team page with information about your team (view last year's WIKI for examples); we recommend you complete this as soon as possible so that sponsors may visit your pages and get to know you. Additionally, we expect you to make small logs on your progress each week (preferrably each day). This will help to ensure each team is making sufficient progress towards a competition ready robot.

  • Guides: Will be constantly be updated with new guides throughout IAP. An email will be sent out as new guides are made available. Currently 'Getting Started in the Lab' contains useful starting points as a MASLAB team. This guide links to three other guides which will help with some initial progress. Please read up on 'Accessing Your Github Repository' first if you haven't accomplished this and will be working on your robot's software design.

  • External: Links to the Github and PollMeMaybe (read guide on the NUC)