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Ant is a tool for automatically building your code.

NOTE: This assumes you have ssh and rsync installed, Windows users will most likely need to install Cygwin

  1. Put build.xml in the directory with your source.
  2. To build your code just type ant. Ant will try to be intelligent about which files need to be recompiled based on the changes you have made.
    • Sometimes you need to rebuild the whole tree. In that case, type ant clean to delete all your classfiles, and then type ant to rebuild.
    • Ant creates a directory named depcache; this is a dependency cache that helps it build faster. You can safely delete it, but your next build will be slightly slower as it is recreated.

Ant can also automatically upload your files to the eeePC. Open build.xml and set the appropriate IP address (robotIP) and destination directory (destDir). Then typing ant upload will build all your software and then upload it to the eeePC. You should set up passwordless login to avoid typing your password every time.

Ant is in the sipb locker (add sipb).

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