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Most settings in Athena are controlled by your dotfiles, files located in your home directory that begin with a ".". They're hidden by default; to see them, type ls -a. By adding the following to your ~/.environment file, you can avoid typing additional commands at startup.

  1. From your home directory, type emacs .environment to edit your .environment file using Emacs (or use favorite text editor).
  2. Add the following lines:
    • add java
    • add sipb (needed for Ant)
    • add 6.186 (needed for the Maslab classes and BotClient)
    • setenv CLASSPATH /mit/6.186/2009/maslab.jar:. (needed for Java to compile the Maslab classes)
  3. Type Ctrl-X Ctrl-S, Ctrl-X Ctrl-C to save and close (if using Emacs).

(If you don't have a .environment file in your home directory, the steps above will create one for you.)

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