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BotClient allows you visualize your robot's processing from another computer.

Running BotClient

  1. Run add 6.186.
  2. Run /mit/6.186/bin/botclient.
    • If this doesn't work, do java -cp /mit/6.186/2006/maslab.jar maslab.telemetry.botclient.BotClient.
  3. In the "control panel" window, enter your robot's IP address.
  4. Channels published by the robot will appear in the control panel. Double-click a channel to display it.

Running BotClient from Windows

One of the advantages of BotClient is that it is a platform independent program, because it is written in Java. Any Java code can run on any machine as long as there is a Java Virtual Machine designed for that machine. If you have the latest Java Runtime Environment (1.6.0 or greater) installed on your Windows PC, you can run botclient from the command line and it will function just as if you were running it on Athena.

Assuming you have Java 1.6.0 or later installed: (If you are not sure, go Download Java).

To run BotClient on your Windows PC, do the following:

  1. Copy maslab.jar onto your PC, and remember the path you stored it to. (For advanced users, add the jar to your CLASSPATH environmental variable)
  2. Click Start, hit Run
  3. In the box, type : java -cp "c:/path/to/maslab.jar" maslab.telemetry.botclient.BotClient
  4. Click ok.

The botclient window you are used to should pop up momentarily.

Channel Types

(See in the Maslab API for details.)

As the mouse pointer hovers over a pixel, the RGB and HSV values are reported. Click to see where the color falls on an HSV colorwheel. You can save an image (the captured image is saved in the directory where BotClient was invoked; the filename is captureNN.png), as well as pause/resume a video feed.
Yup, text.
For plotting values graphically over time.
Channel for sending vector graphics to the BotClient. Useful for anotating an image or plotting sensor data in space.

You can also have your robot listen for commands from the BotClient using the "command" field in the control panel.

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