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Q: Is the porch "the 14" by 14" area on the floor centered in front of each mousehole" (Playing Field) or "within a 12 inch radius of the center of the yellow goal" (Contest rules)?

A: The porch is within a 12" distance measured with a ruler from the goal edges in all directions in front of the goal. The porch is the goal area plus 12" in all directions.


Q: What is the part number of the provided motors?

A: The specs for the drive motors are:

  • Voltage = 12vdc
  • RPM = 120
  • Reduction = 50:1
  • Stall Torque = 123.20 oz-in (8.8 kg-cm)
  • Outside Diameter = 37mm
  • Length (motor and gear) = 1.92" (4.87cm)
  • Diameter (motor and gear) = 1.45" (3.68 cm)
  • Diameter (shaft) = 6mm
  • Outside Diameter = 37mm
  • Current (at 12v no load) = 90mA
  • Stall Current (at 12v locked shaft) = 1.5A

These motors are twice as strong as the ones that were used last year. You can purchase them here. We have other stock motors that can be used for other purposes but we do not provide full matching sets.

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