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The final competition is a double-elimination tournament seeded two days before the final competition. Teams that seed well are given byes in certain rounds. It order to make the final competition a reasonable length, several rounds are run a few hours before the final competition. The final runs are completed in front of an audience and every team runs at least once.

Read about each team in the [Competition Program]

Seeding Rank

The seeding rank of the teams are listed below. The ties are broken by number of balls displaced and then by robot weight (lightest robot seeds higher).

  1. Team 2 (75 points, 15 balls displaced)
  2. Team 13 (23 points, 19 balls displaced)
  3. Team 3 (12 points, 9 balls displaced)
  4. Team 11 (11 points, 6 balls displaced)
  5. Team 7A (5 points, 8 balls displaced)
  6. Team 1 (2 points, 2 balls displaced)
  7. Team 10 (2 points, 2 balls displaced)
  8. Team 7B (1 point, 1 ball displaced)
  9. Team 6 (0 points, 0 balls displaced)
  10. Team 9 (0 points, 0 balls displaced)

Tournament Rounds

The final tournament consisted of 23 rounds (some of which are byes) with a winners bracket and a losers bracket.
TournamentRounds.png FinalRounds.png


The scores for each of the rounds above are listed below. For rounds with byes, the scores are marked with zeros. Round 22 started with a robot failure so only one robot ran the first round. When it became apparent that the other robot was not fix-able in time, the working robot was advanced.

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