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Note: Please do not step on the playing field with shoes! It makes the carpet dirty!

The playing field will have an unknown arrangement, but will be composed of the following known components.



Balls are 2.25" in diameter and will be painted green or red.


The floor is composed of sheets of light blue indoor/outdoor carpet which may have seams or small gaps. The robot should be able to cope with such imperfections.

  • Students should examine the floor of 26-100 as it is notorious for its dips and bumps.
  • Small pieces of painters tape may appear on the playing field surface. They will be about 1" long and no less than 3" apart. They will be used by the judges to mark scoring areas for the audience. Their presence, shape, etc are not guaranteed. Robots must be able to cope with such electrical tape appearing at any location.


Walls are guaranteed to be at least 6" high, painted white on the bottom with blue tape on the top 2". Walls may be straight or circular, but the minimum heads-on profile will be at least 3". (i.e., a wall will not be shaped such that you could view one from any direction and see less than 3" of material.)

  • The blue line will have irregularly spaced tick marks of identical blue tick marks 1.5" wide.
  • There may be imperfections where the wall units meet. Organizers will attempt to minimize these.
  • The playing field may have island obstacles, in addition to an irregular perimeter. There will be a path at least 18" wide connecting all targets, scoring areas, and the starting location.


A mousehole is a 6"-high by 10"-wide hole at the bottom of a wall. The mousehole is trimmed on the both sides and the top by a 2"-wide yellow stripe.

  • The porch is the 14" by 14" area on the floor centered in front of each mousehole.
  • A cardboard box will be placed behind the mouse hole so that from the majority of angles on the playing field, nothing other than the box is visible through the hole. From extreme angles, non-box may be visible.
  • There will be a minimum of 2 mouse holes, and a maximum of 4.
  • Goals may be located in islands.

Yellow Scoring Walls

These walls are yellow with a blue line above. The opposing team's field is guaranteed to be on the other side. These are scoring walls. These walls are not guaranteed to be continuous and may be very short.

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