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Robot Restrictions

To participate in the final contest, your robot must meet the following restrictions:

  1. Robots can have a footprint no larger than 14x14 inches. Height is not restricted, but keep in mind that your team is responsible for housing your robot outside of lab hours. Therefore you will be carrying your robot around (likely in your team tub) and an excessively tall robot will be hard to handle.
  2. Robots must not use any power sources except those provided by or approved by Maslab.
  3. Robots must be able to boot unattended and run your robot from button presses (2) without network access.
  4. Robots may only use one camera (unless you are planning on using stereo vision, in which case you should discuss your plans with staff).
  5. Robots must not consume more than ~30 sensor points (see below).

Sensor Points

Each team gets ~30 sensor points (if you can come up with a very convincing reason, the staff may allow you to have a few additional points), to be spent on the following items, provided by Maslab:

Item Value
Extra drive motor 7 points
Extra stock motor (see stock bin) or self-obtained motor 5 points
Servo 5 points
Ultrasound 4 points
IR 4 points
Solenoid 2 points
Photodiodes, etc. 1 point
Optical encoders pair 0 points
Whisker switch 0 points
Moment buttons 0 points
Original gyroscope and camera in your kit 0 points


  • teams may only use one camera
  • home-built optical encoders are also 0 pts/pair

Teams are allowed to spend at most $100 on additional active components not provided in the Maslab kit. An additional allowance of $50 for batteries and $70 for motors and wheels is allowed for additional customization. Please return our motors, wheels, and batteries if you choose to use this option. Items obtained "for free" should be valued according to how much it would cost another team to get the same part (so if you happened to have a cool motor lying around, you should count it as its value).

Contest Rules

Your robot will have three minutes on the playing field on each side. Points are scored by the following system:

Possession: 1 point

A ball (of your side's color) is possessed by the robot if it is within the robot chassis or within the robot's control - i.e. if the robot moves, the ball moves.

Porch: 2 points

A ball (of your side's color) is on the porch if it is within a 12 inch radius of the center of the yellow goal.

Goal: 4 points

The ball (of your side's color) remains mostly past the goal entrance after the round is over.

Wall: 6 points

Balls (of your side's color) lobbed over the yellow wall. Remember that your robot cannot go more than half way over the wall (within reason).

The Other Team's Balls: 0 points

If you happen to score, porch, posses, or lob over the wall the other team's balls, these will not count for or against you. On the other hand, if you lob the other team's balls over the wall, then they may no longer have these points thereby decreasing their score.

Outside the Field Penalty: -1 points

If you happened to put a ball outside the field. The party responsible for this will obtain this penalty. If the ball was worth points to the opponent, the opponent will keep their points. If the ball was worth points to the party who put it out of play, those points will be lost.

Stop on Time Penalty: -3 points

Robots that do not stop within 10 seconds after running for 3 minutes will be fined.

Qualifiers are assessed at the end of the 3 minutes. Therefore, no points will be awarded for capturing then losing a ball.

A single ball can count for points as a possession, porch, or goal exclusively. If a ball qualifies for more than one of these, the qualifier with the largest point value will be assigned.

The winner is determined from the sum of two games (once on each side of the field). In the event of ties, the tie-breakers will be determined in the following order:

  • Number of balls moved/displaced
  • Seating rank
  • Robot that weighs the least
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