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What does it mean when we say "SSH into your robot"? Say your eeePC reports an address of Just type ssh maslab@ at an Athena prompt. You'll be prompted for the password, and then you can run remote commands on your robot.

Passwordless login

To set up passwordless login (which you'll need unless you want to type your password every time you do ant upload), do this:

  • On Athena, do ssh-keygen -t rsa. When you're prompted for a file name, accept the default. Leave a blank password.
  • Copy your public key to the eeePC like this (use your robot's correct IP address): scp ~/.ssh/ maslab@
  • SSH to the eeePC: ssh maslab@
  • On the eeePC, make a .ssh directory if it doesn't already exist: mkdir .ssh
  • Set restrictive permission on it (SSH requires this): chmod 700 .ssh
  • Add your public key to the authorized keys file: cat >>.ssh/authorized_keys2
  • Set restrictive permission on this file, too: chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys2
  • Now when you type ssh maslab@ on Athena, you should be logged in automatically with no password prompt.

Copying files

To copy files to your robot, do scp files maslab@ If passwordless login is configured, scp will also use it.

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