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Each team should make a short entry in their team journal for each day of IAP. Include what you accomplished, outstanding issues, and any planning you did (all of this need not be more than 3–5 sentences). The journal serves several purposes:

  • It allows teams to reflect on their accomplishments and develop short and long-term goals.
  • It helps staff members to track teams' progress. (Note: if you have a specific issue that a staff member should address, send an email as well as including it in your journal.)
  • It preserves what you've learned from your experience, for the benefit of other teams in both this year and future years. (Note: if this knowledge includes fixes to important bugs, you should also email the staff and post your fix to the student tips page.)

Journal entries need not be formal, but they should be informative, clear, and concise. All journal entries will be checked by the staff before noon on the following day.

To create or edit your team journal, click on its link from the Main Page.

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