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* Instruments of Pain [Erons]
* Instruments of Pain [Erons]
* if(config){} [Andrea]

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Maslab team 1

Note: Our team name is part of a game. The game's objective is to come up with the most bizarre/awesome/awkward team name EVER!

List of names thus far:

  • Sheila [Allan]
  • Troll Ex Machina [Erons]
  • Ghost of the Navigator [Erons]
  • Ghost of the Captivator [Erons]
  • Infidel Castro Motor Oil [Erons]
  • S.T.R.O.N.G. A.R.M. [For Muth]
  • The Pink Yeast Beast from the East [Red]
  • ROFLCOPTER [Erons]
  • Instruments of Pain [Erons]
  • if(config){} [Andrea]
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