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Day 0 (Jan 02):

-Discussion over Skype of strategy, organization and task allocation. (E,C,Al,M)

Day 1 (Jan 03):

  • Lectures 0, 1 and 2 were attended. (C,Al,An)
  • Built the peg bot with two casters
  • Sent messages from the eeePC to Allen's laptop
  • Made robot drive forward to fulfill checkpoint 1

Day 2 (Jan 04)

  • Andrea attended laser cutter training at Edgerton
  • Attended lecture (C, Al, An)
  • Discussed our schedule, strategy, code architecture, mechanical design with Ellen for checkoff 2
  • Cory attended general shop training at Edgerton
  • Allan worked on vision code
  • Andrea worked on sensor implementation
  • Cory and Erons began prototypes of the shooter and roller component. We decided to work in Random's shop and EE lab for the evening because we had ready access to various odds and ends to make our prototypes out of.
  • Andrea and Allan survived a day with each other coding.


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