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Day 0 (Jan 02):

-Discussion over Skype of strategy, organization and task allocation. (E,C,Al,M)

Day 1 (Jan 03):

  • Lectures 0, 1 and 2 were attended. (C,Al,An)
  • Built the peg bot with two casters
  • Sent messages from the eeePC to Allen's laptop
  • Made robot drive forward to fulfill checkpoint 1

Day 2 (Jan 04)

  • Andrea attended laser cutter training at Edgerton
  • Attended lecture (C, Al, An)
  • Discussed our schedule, strategy, code architecture, mechanical design with Ellen for checkoff 2
  • Cory attended general shop training at Edgerton
  • Allan worked on vision code
  • Andrea worked on sensor implementation
  • Cory and Erons began prototypes of the shooter and roller component. We decided to work in Random's shop and EE lab for the evening because we had ready access to various odds and ends to make our prototypes out of.
  • Andrea and Allan survived a day with each other coding.


Day 3 of captivity (Jan 05)

  • Captors have completed checkpoint three last night
  • Botclient continues to provide problems, will address
  • Decided to re-porpoise robot to kill captors in sleep
  • Matt has returned from the sunny west!
  • Cory slept through lecture on accident because taking the red-eye back to boston from California destroyed his sleep cycle. He apologizes.
  • Replaced left motor
  • Turned in checkpoint three
  • Purchased materials for the robot
  • Set up git (Thanks Matt)
  • Erons found a potential candidate for a shooter motor underneath his bed
WHAT 9000?!?
*This motor is rated at 25,500 RPM at 7.2Volts. Our design only requires 2000 RPM to launch balls about 5 metres

Day 4 of captivity (Jan 06)

  • Captors made me identify a ball
  • Weapon system (shooter) prototyped, the fools plan to arm me
  • Structure CAD work well under way, should be finished soon
  • Wander code began

Day 5 of captivity (Jan 07)

  • CADs being finalized for laser cutting on Saturday and Sunday
  • Worked on the interface between the high RPM motors and the rollers
  • Worked on PD code

Day 6-7

  • Light workload for the weekend because going full throttle for the entire month would kill us. Coders programmed a little, meches refined the design in anticipation of laser cutting and waited for parrts to arrive.

Day 9 of captivity (Jan 11)

  • My battle armor has been laser cut, assembly in progress (waiting for parts in the mail
  • PID controller for ball targeting complete
  • Vision code being reworked
  • Ball conveyor being being constructed

Days 10-12

  • Cory editing here. I have grown bored of the captivity joke that erons was running. I am writing these journal entries retroactively. We did not sleep properly in this time window. Dates lost all meaning.
  • The mechEs put together the laser cut bits. the force of friction alone turned out to be enough to hold the pieces of plastic together for testing purposes, so we didn't bolt anything.
  • The roller functions but needs streamlined before competition.
  • In an attempt to reduce friction in the shooter and roller, we inserted bushings into the holes. HOWEVER,in doing so, we both made the bot ugly and (in the shooter's case) threw our carefully machined holes out of whack. parts of the robot will probably be re-cut.
  • lots of work was done at weird times of day at MITers. Holy crap people are seriously there at all times of day.
  • The coders continued developing their respective code sections. Matt did vision, Allan's doing PID and i think Andrea was doing the wandering/ball-searching algorithm

Day 13 (Jan 15)


Weekend - 16th and 17th

  • Due to a combination of crappy sleep cycles and other things, we took a light weekend. The coders either rested or went to participate in Mystery Hunt. Meches re-CAD-ed.

MLK Jr Day:

  • The replacement laptop appears to have various issues that the coders have been dealing with while trying to test varying code snippets. Some bin files were messed up and things like that. Ideally one of them will update this journal entry with specifics.
  • The new parts were re-laser-cut, with extra allowances for things like bushings and the electronics. Also the back plate now features a sweet phoenix-looking thing that was painted on the wall in Allan's room by a previous resident.

Jan 24:

  • The issues with the drive motors have been fixed. Our shooter is being replaced with a servo dumping gate
  • Ball rollers are still flaky, but being updated and worked on
  • On the new robot: wall fol following +ball gathering + wall acquisition is all checked and works
  • Magnetometer code is being written. Here is an image of the...errr fabulous data we have:

MagnitomiterDataBad.jpeg MagnitomiterDataBad2.jpeg

Jan 25:

  • The Magnetometer is working! Look at the beautiful data.


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