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Alex Teuffer Voitek Wojciech Musial Youyou Ma Arvin Shahbazi Moghaddam

Overall Strategy/Gameplay Goals

The strategy of our team was to keep the robot as simple as possible. We believe that a simple design with the least amount of things that could go wrong is the best. We based the design of our robot on these principles but the overall shape of it was determined by our gameplay goals. Our goal for this competition was to score over the yellow walls and essentially ignore the possibility of scoring in the mouseholes. The reason for us deciding to pursue this strategy was that it permitted us to concentrate on a single high-scoring goal opportunity. By choosing to build a robot adept at throwing balls over the opposing team's wall we can make a relatively simple design while still being able to score high.


Our robot was mostly put together in the maslab 5th floor lab. The archimedes screw was cut out of a pvc pipe using a saber saw. This was done in the edgerton student machine shop. The lathe in the edgerton machine shop was used to slim down the shaft that held the screw so that it could fit into the gears that would turn it in order to pick up the balls. Besides this, the most intesive part of the machining part of the robot was the assembly of the hinge that held the 2nd floor servo gate open. This was also done in the edgerton student shop.

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