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Monday January 3rd, 2011

We managed to write the HelloWorld code, implement a simple robot, and run a simple program on its motors to show that it works. In the way of doing this, we confronted two problems. First problem was that we were unable to communicate with the uorc board. The problem was with the board and was solved by short circuiting the Estop. The second problem was that the motors were connected so tight to the wooden board that they did not move. We solved the problem by loosing them. We're hungry!!!

Tuesday January 4th, 2011

We have discussed strategy, structural and mechanical design and are still discussing strategy!! Plus we are deciding who gets to keep their computer plugged in to the wall. Unfortunately, plugs only come in pairs. We have a really good schedule set up and are planning to follow it even if it mean building the robot in the next 5 days! However, we are quite pleased with our design and feel that any obstacles will only make us stronger!!

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