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Team 3 and RoBot Naming Options

Still thinking about what to call ourselves. It should match the team spirit, the principles of the game and personality of the robot.

Right now, the ideas include

  • Screwed (so we are called we are screwed)
  • We've Got Balls
  • 必胜 (Chinese, pronounced bisheng, means definitely wins)
  • neeu (actually the word new, but conceived from the last letter of our last names)
  • 一生懸命 (Japanese, pronounced isshoukenmei, means with all one's might)

Our little RoBot puppy needs an awesome name too! So far we have:

  • Solene (French, OTZ to Audren, and it would work if we have a solenoid on board)
  • Nuts (screws and nuts, anyone?)
  • RoBot
  • Sprite
  • Yum! (don't forget to click your tongue when you get to the exclamation point)
  • Hovercraft Wanna Be
  • The Clock
  • One Up (the little green mushroom shaped robot, gives you one point when you eat it in Super Mario)
  • Onion With Layers
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