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January 3rd: Where everything started

  • Day one. Team is ready. Team is willing to show off... but uORC is not.
  • After assembling the pegbot and linking the (fancy) eeePC to our PC via the bot client, we encountered a serious problem. The uORC would not respond because of firmware.
  • Good news : the same program works on a previous version of the uORC (all our work is not vain !)
  • Final positive event : we tore down the webcam in order to get the essential (the printed circuit) and it still works.

January 4th: The grand design

  • Day two. Met in the morning, discussed the game. We have a plan: watermill+waterpark slides+catapult style robots with layers, just like an onion (or a cake).
  • After the group interview, we put all our sensors together and tested them. Everything works! We are on a roll.
  • What's next? CADed most of the components we have already today and will finish the robot architecture tomorrow.

January 5th: The grand design part II

  • CADing more stuff and started vision code

January 6th: The all seeing eye

  • Yesterday involved much work, and we were all to tired to journal.
  • Video code and Cinnamon Toast Crunch abounds, and we are recognizing objects and taking names. (Of the objects)
  • With the rest of tonight we'll be wrapping up the PID controller using the quad encoders -- so far seems good. Tomorrow during the day, we will combine this with the camera error and be ready to win Mock 1.

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