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(L)eighton, (D)an, (S)tan, (C)athy


Day 1, Monday January 3

Today we attended lecture and then assembled our pegbot and got it driving. Trying to get a jump on the work ahead of us, we took pictures of the field and of the balls with our webcam for vision testing and started to wire up several IR sensors and a gyro.

Dan finalized 4-bar synthesis for the mechanism that raises the ball hopper up over the wall. He also figured out how everything will fit inside the robot's circular footprint.

Day 2, Tuesday January 4

Dan got the majority of the detailed mechanical design finished.

Cathy tried to fix a problem with the v4l4j library by setting up a VM with Ubuntu 10,10 and a whole new dev environment on her machine, since certain camera functionality didn't work without v4l4j and v4l4j didn't work with her version of Ubuntu.

Cathy helped Stan and Leighton set up eclipse projects and git working directories.

Cathy, Stan and Leighton discussed software design.

Cathy went to get shop-trained.

Leighton rigged up some sensors.

Day 3, Wednesday January 5

D - did more detailed CAD, set up files for rapid cutting, and created an assembly plan so we can start building this weekend.

L, C - attended lecture, troubleshooted and tested sensors (IR, gyro), worked through checkpoint 3

L - assembled encoders, planning to put them on pegbot tomorrow

S - worked on setting up software framework

C - got camera working with personal machine (thanks, staff!), configured ant, set up convenient routine for running robot remotely

Day 4, Thursday January 6

L, S, C - attended lecture

L - mounted encoders, wired up LED for debugging, helped debug checkpoint 4

S - continued working with software framework: main loop, state machine, sensor abstraction

C - wrote and tested a basic PID controller, worked on checkpoint 4, wrote some edge detection code

Day 5, Friday January 7

D, L, S, C - D got in last night, so we met to get him up to speed

D - measured components to make sure that they fit the mechanical design, made a prototype roller to test out functionality

L - wired up a controller for powering the roller's motor, helped C debug checkpoint 5

S - helped C debug checkpoint 5, worked on wall following code

C - worked on checkpoint 5, eventually got a PD controller running that tracks and approaches a red ball

Day 6, Saturday January 8

D battled with obstreperous machines and got everything cut.

Day 7, Sunday January 9

D machined hubs and cut hopper.

D and L did post-processing on the cut materials and assembled the majority of the robot. Left to do is mounting the hopper.

Day 8, Monday January 10

Day 9, Tuesday January 11

Day 10, Wednesday January 12

Day 11, Thursday January 13

Day 12, Friday January 14

Day 13, Saturday January 15

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