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1/6 (Day 1)

We spent most of today working on a kitbot (parts and instructions provided by the staff) so that the coders on our team could start code early on. We finished most of the assembly but are waiting on batteries and wires (held up by the weather) so that we can finish. We plan to have a working robot done by tomorrow evening.

We also spent a good bit of time trying to get the Maple board to work with our Microsoft-provided Samsung tablet. We ran into trouble getting drivers installed since Windows 8 requires that drivers be signed, and LeafLabs doesn't publish signed versions. The published workaround is to disable driver signature enforcement, which requires changing settings somewhere around the bootloader level. Unfortunately, none of the three USB keyboards we tried worked; it wasn't until we flashed a newer version of the BIOS that we were able to disable signature enforcement. Luckily, everything afterwards was a piece of cake.


We continued working on Kitbot today. David modified the Kitbot code to support control over a network connection (see 1/8 for why). Alex spent his evening first attempting to dual-boot Ubuntu 13.10 and Windows 8, then figuring out why reinstalling Ubuntu had wiped Windows, then figuring out how to get Ubuntu functional again.


We finally finished Kitbot today, and, after a little debugging, got Eliza, who was recovering from a tonsillectomy, to drive it over Skype.


1/9 Kristin finished the first prototype of our ball intake roller, which we have nicknamed "the combine". It consists of two circular end plates, a central shaft, and five spacer/support plates -- all made from MDF -- and ten rubber bands.

We got OpenCV installed on our tablet for debugging use, and have successfully retrieved images from the built-in front- and back-facing cameras, as well as the provided HD webcam. David worked on recognizing balls in the OpenCV-processed images. Kristin worked on the first

1/10 Alex spent most of his day trying to write code to communicate with the Maple board, with little success. Staff still hadn't provided a working library (which was promised early on). David started working on re-projecting images back into space.

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