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Week 1

Day 1: Yay! MASLAB!

Day 2: Yay! DemoBot! Also got Ball Chasing done!

Day 3: Fixing things and CADing things.

Day 4: Remaking DemoBot into Practicebot.

Day 5: Practicebot built.

Week 2

Day 6: Camera Multiple Tracking Achieved. Maple Code switched to OOP. Filters added.

Day 7: Brain Storm Session. Bot Concepts developed: A,B,C,D,E

Day 8-9: Over Night Dev. Sonar Developed. Java Framework developed. Filters Improved. Marble Maze [Alpha, unmotorized] Tested. Maple Died.

Day 10: Recovery of Team.

Week 3

Day 11: Harvard Trip. Recovery Complete. Team Resync up.

Day 12: MechE team worked "very very hard". Marble Maze [Acrylic Beta, unmotorized] Completed. Marble Maze Gear slippage problem noted, solved through key shafts and water jetted metallic gears.

Day 13-14: Acrylic Beta Marble Maze motorized. Everything is great.

Day 15: Seeding Mock. Subbot was developed and competed.

Week 4

Day 16: Fundamental Frame of FinalBot completed.

Day 17: Sensory Strategy rethink. Sonar and IR abandoned.

Day 18: Seeding. BotClient compatibility developed. Seeded by capturing 1 ball. Finishing Touches. LED added. Color sorting added and tested.

Day 19: Reliability improvement. Scoring algorithm and strategy developed.

Day 20: Competition.

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