Team 3 : Cameras/Good Robots Go

This is MASLAB team Cameras/Good Robots Go's wiki; it has information about our robot and experience in the course. The team name comes from a Drake song on Take Care, it's about losing the ones you love most if you ask them to wait for you too long. This year's game involves picking up multi-colored cubes and stacking them in specified areas.

Our team can be reached at Team Members:

  • Sanchit Bhattacharjee - '18 (6-2)
  • Kaitlyn Hennacy - '20 (2 or 10)
  • Elina Sendonaris - '20 (6-2)
  • Diego Huyke -'17 (2)


Week 1

Mon. 1/9/2017

  • Team got to know each other, it was great!
  • Not a lot of CS experience collectiveley - means we'll learn even more
  • Discussed game strategy, will try easiest tasks first (simply picking up cubes)
  • Booted NUC, explored Ubuntu a little bit
  • Experimented with Teensy and IR sensor

Tue. 1/10/2017

Today was a slow day, partly because the laser cutter that we were supposed to use for cutting the Kitbot hardware was down :(

  • Experimented with Cytron Dual Motor Controller and Teensy, only able to get one direction
  • Still no reading of motor encoders on Teensy
  • Setup OpenCV on NUC
  • Found out Sharp IR sensor arduino library is not compatible with Teensy. What a shame and I'm not sure why this is happening. I would like to try and copy the source code, at least the section for our specific sensor and "use" the library this way. Lit

Wed. 1/11/2017

  • Discussed the designs each of us came up with
  • Made prototypes of sideways spinning intake, top-ways spinning intake, shovel, and spinning pegs
  • Explored CV, got color sensor to work
  • It was a nice and warm day, but the orange chicken at Sate tasted a little different
  • Assembled kitbot

A prototype of the sideways intake design The same intake but from above

Thu. 1/12/2017

  • More throroughly developed our software and hardware designs - still not that great, but this is a first pass,
  • Diego was in Atlanta running trap
  • The rest of the team worked more on the KitBot

Fri. 1/13/2017

  • GM came and talked about ...
  • Swag

Week 2

Mon. 1/16/2017

  • MLK day, no classes, but remember to think about history and how far we've come in the last 50 years
  • Also about how much more we have left to go

Tue. 1/17/2017

  • Laser cut chassis and ramp

Wed. 1/18/2017

  • Tested out block intake. Need to adjust distance between wheels and deformability of ramp
  • Got kitbot to drive in a square (p bad square tho)

Thu. 1/19/2017

  • Tested a less deformable block inake
  • Got servo to turn based on color sensor readings

Fri. 1/20/2017

  • Prototyped block sorter
  • CADed

Week 3

Mon. 1/23/2017

Tue. 1/24/2017 Wed. 1/25/2017 Thu. 1/26/2017 Fri. 1/27/2017