Winbook: Getting started

When you first login, you'll need a usb keyboard, usb hub, and usb mouse get around at first. We're providing everyone with keyboards and hubs. This is because the touchscreen is inverted to start out with, and there is no on-screen keyboard installed initially. (see common issues below)

  1. Login with the password teamxx, where xx is your team number
  2. Connect to MIT or MIT Secure wifi, not MIT guest
  3. Open a terminal and type ifconfig to get your ip address
  4. SSH into the tablet from your primary computer

To fix the touchscreen, see the first issue below. If you want an on-screen keyboard, you can google for several options you can install. For a basic one, you can enter the command onboard in the terminal

Common issues

The touchscreen is inverted!

Yup, it is by default. To fix it, run the command

xinput set-prop "Goodix Capacitive TouchScreen" "Evdev Axis Inversion" 1 1

To fix it automatically after reboots, add this line to a file named .xsessionrc in your home directory

I can't ssh into it

You may be on the MIT Guest network or have a non-public IP at 10.*.*.*. Connecting to the MIT or MIT Secure networks should give you an accessible 18.*.*.* IP.

It says "system problem detected"

This appears to be unavoidable and for the most part, can be ignored most of the time. It's typically caused by minor compatibility issues such as audio.

The battery always says it's full

Yeah, ubuntu won't recognize battery levels correctly yet. We will try and see if there is a good solution. Until then, always plug it in if possible.

It froze completely

Your battery may be low. Plug it in!

My issue's not on here

Contact the staff and we'll try to help and post any new tips here.