Team 2's Homepage

         $$$$ "We Dem Boyz" - Wiz Khalifa $$$$

Team Members

  • Deron Browne - Course 2 MIT '16
  • Revanth Damerla - Course 2 MIT '18
  • Phillip Graham - Course 6-3 MIT '17
  • Eric Ruleman - Course 6-? MIT '16

Day 1

MechE Brainstorm. Came up with several ideas & decided on a v-collector with powered wheels + a grabber that can slide vertically to stack. Sketched out basic idea.

Day 2

Started CAD. Ordered 3 packs of springs from McMaster’s ($7.26 each + tax and shipping)

Day 3


  1. Scoring Strategy/Robot Scoring Problems
  2. Robot Design Critique



  1. Battery ­ 4.2V
  2. Soldered fuse box and switch


  1. Run a program on Teensy.
  2. Get Blink running with communication between tablet and Teensy using TAMP.



  1. Prototype of wheels.
  2. Finished Kitbot
  3. Raventh is halfway through grabber.

Tonight: CAD the robot.


  1. Laser cut the CAD.
  2. Finish the prototype of the wheels and the grabber.

Day 4


Today: Started on an assembly of robot: Bottom, braces, part of the column done (waiting on the grabber to be completed) Removed active collector (until we decide it’s necessary) Grabber finished

Tonight: Work on tower/column/tube done except for back door; Revanth working on back door Finish CAD (we’ll try XD) need to CAD upper level for electronics, grabber completed

Tomorrow: Laser cut and assemble CAD parts Finish back door Finish electronics level


Today: Loaded firmware onto teensy and pyhost onto tablet Installed OpenCV onto Macbooks, but we still haven’t gotten a program to run.

Tonight: Phillip is going to install OpenCV on the tablet. We will try to run something.

Tomorrow: Playing with the webcam on OpenCV. Hopefully we can do it with the tablet.